3 Best Sources for Lead Generation

I have been an agent in the Houston area for nearly 18 years. If you are like me, you have struggled with the many ways to lead generate for new business. Gary Keller has preached on stage at Family Reunions and Mega Camps for years that you HAVE to spend 3 hours per day, every day, generating leads. THEN, spend 2 hours of lead follow-up.

There are several effective ways to generate leads for real estate, but here are three of the top methods I have used over the years!

Build out a Strong Online Presence

By creating your online presence through social media, email marketing, and a professional website, you can generate leads 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for your real estate business. You should be using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even TikTok. Share your listings with potential buyers. Create targeted lists of real estate agents that you meet in your area to promote directly to them. Share the stories of your day-to-day activities that you are doing. Something is so much better than nothing.

Create email campaigns with newsletters, even needs for buyers. You may find a listing letting your database know about the needs of your buyers.

Make sure you are optimizing your website with current blogs, listings, selling guides, buyer guides, and vendor partners so that the search engines will help you get your website noticed.

Host Open Houses:

Host Open Houses: Hosting an open house can be a great way to generate leads and showcase your listings to potential buyers. You can promote the open house on social media, in local newspapers, and through your network. During the event, make sure to greet visitors warmly, provide informational packets, and answer any questions they may have. Collect contact information and follow up with attendees afterward to see if they’re interested in buying or selling a property.


Networking is an essential aspect of generating leads in the real estate industry. Make sure you attend local events put on by local vendors and communities. Meet people and add them to your database. Join professional organizations. I joined the local Rotary Club 10 years ago and when you do, you can build relationships with other real estate agents, lenders, and industry professionals. You can also leverage your existing networks, such as friends and family, to spread the word about your business and generate referrals. Finally, consider offering incentives to clients who refer new business to you, such as a discount on services or a gift card. Share gratitude for every opportunity.

Be the local expert in your community!

There are so many unique ways to grow your business. If you will focus on these 3 ways to source your referrals and your real estate business, your sales will soar. You can find out more about Rick and the opportunities to become a partner at our new site: FlyLikeanEagle.info

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