Adopt a CEO Mindset

😲 As we get started in this business of real estate we have to understand that being the boss is critical and it is who you are, the boss. We work for ourselves, we answer to ourselves and we make all the decisions on what we do every day.

The CEO mindset is THE most critical component of our time, energy and most of all the management of our resources. The agent has to be willing to accept complete responsibility for owning your time. We have one constant and that is what every real estate has, 24 hours. Every agent has exactly 24 hours each day, and only a handful are available to run a successful business. It is how we use these 24 hours that sets apart from the rest of the pack. ⏰

Golden Hours

The CEO has to run a tight ship. The CEO has the ultimate say in when business is conducted. The “perfect daily schedule” is one of the most talked about strategies for the CEO mindset. The Golden Hours for the CEO is the difference maker for the amount of success you can achieve. How are you using your time? It can be the difference between high-level success and ultimate failure. When you can master your time, you will lower your stress and make more money.!!

There is no shortage of time management tools, everyone can google that. However, find the ones that work best for you to keep your schedule tight, and on track. Now is the time to generate awareness for how critical proper time management is to every real estate agents success in this business. Your income depends on it. The CEO will also learn to delegate your tasks into the schedule and manage your income-producing activities with the highest level of success. The CEO will take an honest look at the consequences of the choices we make about where and how to spend the 24 hours we all have alloted, and how some of the choices you make could be holding you back.

The CEO Mindset

When you choose to adopt the CEO mindset, you choose to see yourself as the CEO of YOU, inc. How would you know if you are the CEO? It is simple, pull out a piece of paper, and at the top of the sheet, write your name = CEO 25 times on that sheet and hang it on your bulletin board in your office.. You have just promoted yourself to the CEO of your business.

You now answer to yourself and I hope you don’t take no for an answer. Your destiny is in your hands. Success seems simple now that you have the steering wheel in your hands, doesn’t it!! Well, now you can’t blame anyone else for any of your failures. Remember, the buck stops with you. So, perfecting that Perfect Daily Schedule becomes one of the most important things you can do as your first assignment at the CEO. Only by fully understanding our current habits and daily routines can we successfully implement the changes necessary to ensure future success. If you want to change your results as a CEO, you must first learn to change your actions, and more specifically, your routines and habits during each and every day.

Perfect Daily Schedule

The biggest hurdle for real estate agents is keeping nonrevenue generating activities from interfering with our PDS. It is challenging for many reasons. The biggest boils down to one word: Distraction!

Avoid these distractions:

  • requests for your time from peers needing a quick question answered
  • inbound phone calls when you are blocked for prospecting
  • creating non-salesy activities to make you feel like you are productive
  • excuses
  • time-sucking websites
  • social media wars
  • political wars on Facebook

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule yor priorities.

Stephen R Covey

Remember, your job as a real estate agent is to sell homes. Nothing else matters to your bottom line. How do you accomplish this? One thing every day that has to take a high priority is Lead Generation. Without it, you are dead in the water. Every CEO in Real Estate sets aside time, each and every day, blocks it for no distractions and focuses on lead generation. It is your job as the CEO to be interacting with qualified prospects during your blocked lead generation time in your perfect daily schedule. If you are not doing things that are directly related to selling homes during your Golden Hours of your day, you are not doing your job. If you don’t like this part of the job, then I would suggest you find another profession.

Just Say NO

One of the most effective ways to get rid of the nonsense activities in your day is to just say no. you don’t have to take on other tasks that everyone else brings to you. Whenever you are asked to do something that is going to disrupt your time block, just say no thank you, I have an existing appointment or commitment that I cannot move. Do not get derailed, as the next time it comes up, it will be easier to say yes when you should have just said no. Keep your priorities your priority. Every successful CEO has the NO muscle working perfectly and they know that keeping the priorities straight leads them down the path to a significantly higher income.


One of the most effective things you can do with your nonsales-related tasks is to delegate it. Leverage your support to the fullest when you can afford to. In the meantime, when you are just getting started, take up a part-time real estate position on your team, and do these activities when you are not working in your Golden Hours of production. When you can afford it, hire out and create better leverage for your time so you can then spend more time with your family.

Protect your time! it is the most valuable asset. Top CEO’s protect it by saying no a lot. Put up the do not disturb sign and achieve things that others won’t because they are unwilling to keep that perfect daily schedule.

Be Disciplined

Here’s what the very best people do every day

  1. They have a powerful morning routine that fires them up and gets them ready to conquer the day ahead. It might include affirmations, gratitudes, exercise, reading, journaling, reviewing your goals, praying… whatever sets you up to have a highly productive day.
  2. They improve their market intelligence. What’s that mean? It means they make it their mission to be the most knowledgeable agent in their market. They look at the daily hot sheets. They analyze the market. They know the numbers. Only when you make this a priority can you establish yourself as the “knowledge broker” in your marketplace.
  3. They book an appointment. The most important discipline for sales success is recognizing that your job is always to book that next appointment. Find a new one, follow up on an old lead… do whatever you need to do to create another face-to-face meeting with a prospect or client and move one step closer to your goals.
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