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📣 Standing out from the competition might be a hard task, but with a little help, I’m sure you can differentiate yourself from the sea of other agents that just don’t put in the work. 🏆

I’m continuing my mission to guide you towards your own successful path. One way you can project your services and attract the right clients is to organize and hold a MEGA OPEN HOUSE for your listing. However, you have to follow the checklist. Without it, you are just tossing darts in the wind, hoping for a few neighbors to pop in.

Here’s a brand-new checklist you can download to ensure you do all your prep work, day-of-event tasks, and follow-up.

For those who may not be aware of the MEGA OPEN HOUSE, this isn’t your basic open house.

The MEGA OPEN HOUSE is essentially a go big or go home strategy

You multiply your efforts, marketing strategy, and lead cultivation during this grand event. I highly suggest you take a look at our exceptional tips for you to download and pin to your bulletin board for your next open house.

Go All In!

Rookie to Rockstar
Open House Plan

With 17 years of experience of working in the real estate sector, Rick knows a thing or two about how to make a lasting impression when doing a MEGA OPEN HOUSE.

We have some amazing tools that we use to boost our open house dates to our database and our farm. You will need to join in on our planning session to see how we optimize our Facebook ads to get massive eyeballs on our open houses.

Open House Party!

  • Make 25 – 35 Open House Signs
  • Set a goal to book at least one rock-solid listing appointment during the MEGA OPEN HOUSE
  • Only talk to one person at a time!
  • If this is your sole method of prospecting, then invest 80 hrs a month
  • Be an EXPERT in your marketplace

It’s All In The Preparation

When you’re launching a new listing either in your geo-farm or an area you know you’ll have success, you want to optimize the opportunity so you can generate many listings. 

Before your MEGA OPEN HOUSE, you want to plan ahead, but also don’t forget it’s a party! Prepare food and drinks appropriate for the neighborhood that you’ll be in. 

Don’t forget to door knock your invitations so you can personally invite all the neighbors. Another great option is to mail those invitations and email any interested prospects from your database.

Also, don’t be afraid of investing in the Facebook ads you are running. Also, post it on Instagram, Linkedin, and NextDoor. You really want this MEGA OPEN HOUSE to be announced on all your social media sites!

And last, but not least, put out all those 30 signs and flags we talked about! STAND OUT!  Let them see how you do things a little differently. Get the neighbors to notice you. You will win the next listing appointment.

You really want to do your research on where your MEGA OPEN HOUSE will be and who are you looking to attract to buy this house. Here is what you need to know: Do they have a family? Are they empty-nesters? Are they single? Knowing your customer is so important so you can arrange the appropriate material and deliver an exceptional experience so you can easily find your buyer or next listing lead! 

Party Like A Rockstar Agent! 

During the MEGA OPEN HOUSE, you want to work as a team, so invite your lender, spouse, your friend, or two more real estate agents.

Remember to “divide and conquer” so you can maximize conversations and secure more listings.

While guests are arriving, you can ask them what brought them to your MEGA OPEN HOUSE and what they liked or disliked about the home. 

You’re surrounded by all these people, take advantage and make sure they are actually engaged

Don’t forget to be with just one person, don’t break your eye contact and make them feel that they have your attention.

Demonstrate the worth that you have! 

Follow-Up Like It’s Hot

After the success of your MEGA OPEN HOUSE, you can thank all your guests by shooting a single non-personal video and sending it to all of the attendees through a quick text or through your CRM.

Remind them that you can help them to buy or sell their home. Showcase that you’re the knowledgeable and go-to agent! 

For that one appointment or more that you set during your MEGA OPEN HOUSE, you want to create a customized, personal follow-up video, using their name at a minimum of 2 times telling them how excited you are to meet with them.

What Will You Do Differently?

Now that you know about the successful MEGA OPEN HOUSE strategy, what are you going to do differently in your next one?

What strategy will you implement? Let me know in the comments below!

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