21 Days to write a contract

21 Days to Contract

Well, it looks like we have a pretty neat challenge on our hands. 💰 Would you like to speed up your timing to write a new contract? What if you had to have a NEW buyer under contract within the next 21 days. We have to find the buyer, get them approved and then find a home that they would love to write an offer on and get the contract executed.

You can do it…📣

So, we have 21 days to write a real estate contract for a new buyer. What are some of the things we can do to make sure we are heading in the right direction?🤔

When most new agents are getting started in the business they lack clarity and focus on the exact things that they need to do in order to get their first closing commission. In the past, when people would ask the question how long should it take to earn money in the real estate business, the general rule of thumb has been to get your training in place first, and hopefully within the first 90 to 180 days you can start earning money by helping some of your new clients close on a beautiful property.

What if we could speed that process forward. What if we could speed it up to a point where we knew that these exact activities would provide you with the desired results, cash in the bank.
Remember we talked about this in the past, real estate is simple, it’s just not easy. It takes work, diligence, consistency, persistence, and the willingness to get the work done. In other words, you have to show up. Whether you’re a brand new agent, or a seasoned agent just looking for an incredible challenge, we’re going to give you some of the best tips to write a contract within the next 21 days. If you’ll follow these tasks and focus on coming to work every single day for 21 days I guarantee that you will write a contract and you’ll be well on your way to earning a commission check within 60 days. Your new contract will have to state that they close within 40 days.

How about you! Are you willing to put your best foot forward for the next 21 days to write a real estate contract?
If you’re willing to accomplish these things, and then turn them into a habit, you will change your life, your lifestyle, and your family’s financial future for many years to come in this business.
Let’s get started, you have to have a daily task list. Without a task list, you’re just lost floating and “winging it”. 90% of real estate agents wing it without a game plan.

Here are my top 10 things to do…

  1. Start by making a list of the top 50 people in your sphere of influence. Pick up the phone and call each person and let them know that you would love to help them or someone they know with a real estate problem. Solving problems is what we do. We help people find homes for their growing or slowing families.
  2. Schedule an open house for every day of the week, all 7 days. If you do not have a listing, find agents in your office that would allow an open house during the week. If you find a vacant home, host it for 3 consecutive days. Follow the Massive open house plan blog post.
  3. Use the open house to circle prospect the neighborhood. Let the neighbors know you would love to share the listing with their friends and family.
  4. Run a daily Facebook video post ad to the zip code of the open house. Let the community know you are available to help them. Share local home prices and market updates.
  5. Attend evening networking events. Pass out as many cards to your new friends that you meet. Ask for the business.
  6. Read “Endless Referrals” by Bob Burg, and “Fanatical Prospecting” by Jeb Blount
  7. Finally, ask every agent you know if they have any old leads that they do not want to work. Offer them a referral fee and when you are at your open house, take that time to call all of them.
  8. Find 10 best buy homes in your community. Update this daily and share it with the leads that you now have from your agent buddies.
  9. Share your day with your social media followers. Let them know you hosted an open house, called a certain amount of people, door knocked so many homes.
  10. Finally, the best thing you can do to write a new contract in 21 days is this, be genuine in your pursuit to help someone. People can read you like a book when you are not being genuine. Let them know you are working to support your family. Let them know you are ready to help them grow their real estate portfolio or just helping them find a new property for their family.

We love using Canva.com for our social media posts. Canva has some amazing templates that you can edit. Just add in your personal logos and information. Letting your followers know what you do is the best thing you can do to build trust and your brand.

I wish you the best on your #21day challenge. Let me know your results.

21 Days to write a contract
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