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Social Media is the newspaper of today. 📰 We get all of our information, real and fake, from our friends and those we follow on social media. What message are you sending that creates more conversations that lead to both brand promotion and brand awareness?

Creating the right mix of photos, videos and call to action posts are some of the best ways to grow your business and your bank account. I would say that the most important piece of advice I can provide to help you with social media promotion is to just be yourself. Authenticity in building the relationship. Social media has given the real estate agent control over every aspect of the transaction process from the first introduction to the closing table.

What works on Social Media

Everyone today seems to be on social media, sharing their opinions on just about everything. It is a sucker of time and your attention. So, be careful about how much time you spend on the sites. Here are my top 7 tips for social media success

1. Be Intentional About What you Share

Post lots of content and be creative with your message. End the majority of your posts with a question mark. This creates more responses and your engagement will increase dramatically. You can then draw more customers into your world and enhance your brand. You can never post too much, however, you want to make sure that you are posting the right message to your audience.

2. It’s not about YOU!

Think about your social media posts as an ongoing conversation with your clients and potential clients. No one likes to talk very long with people who only talk about themselves. Follow the 80/20 rule. Make 80% of your posts about them- what they may find interesting, helpful, useful, funny, or entertaining. Only talk about your business, products, and services 20% of the time. A book I would suggest for this is “Know What to Say” by Phil Jones.

3. Use more Video!

Video is content king. The right video has to short and to the point. Video generates the most leads. It is the easiest content to share and with the new phones, making a video and editing has never been easier. People will watch a video more often than reading a post.

4Focus On Your Followers

Given the many options between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and the other platforms, the question often comes up, which social media platform is the best place to invest your time and resources? I prefer Facebook and Instagram, however, I would suggest that you try a few and find where you have the most followers, and focus there.

5. Share who YOU are

Share articles of interest that give a glimpse into your business culture and personal values. Share a picture of you and your dog, you and your kids and even a photo of you and one of your clients. Your followers want to learn more about you. Even though your target clients are a wide mix of political and religious differences, be careful about what you share. Don’t be divisive, yet be smart, authentic and come from contribution. The decision-makers are other people like you who you can engage and build a rapport with. Let them know who you are.

6. Track your numbers

You cannot track what you don’t record, and you need to record the right things. Track your spend on ads and make sure that your posts and your money are hitting the right target. Track it. Some of the best posts are those that you may think won’t generate any likes or comments and they end up skyrocketing. Remember though, social media likes, shares, and comments are not nearly as valuable as getting a qualified lead, converting to a sale and generating profits. It will be essential for you to know your analytics and how you will track them effectively. Create a content calendar and follow it!

7. Consider Hiring Professionals

The one thing you will never have enough of is your time. No one understands this better than business owners. Creating, publishing, and tracking quality, engaging social media content sounds like a lot of time and effort you may not have. Consider outsourcing your marketing strategies to a professional. You can also join our team, and let us market for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best, selling homes.

When do I post?

Today, tomorrow and the next day! Happy Sharing!

Rookie to RockStar Real Estate Agents
Rookie to RockStar

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