Personal Note Cards

If you think that personal note cards are a thing of the past, think again. Remember that feeling you got when a buddy or a family member sent you a handwritten thank you card that was actually delivered to your mailbox? I bet you got a shot of adrenaline and the feeling was amazing. I would be willing to be that your future or past clients will feel that exact same way. The power of a personal note card is difficult to understand, yet it is unquestionably, very powerful.

Keep more Commissions

āž”ļø In this industry, we all get the dreaded question from the consumer… Would you reduce your commissions? Seems like more and more sellers are asking how to negotiate with a realtor to reduce the commission. We all have had to tackle tough conversations and overcome objections when it comes to commissions. So, learning your way to more profit starts with you. Are you willing to do the things that top agents do to keep their fees consistent? šŸ¤” Just curious, what is a fair commission for a real estate agent? Here are a few tips on defending your real estate commission.