Business Plan for 2020

Success leaves clues. 🤑 It is easy to look backward to find out what you did right and what you did wrong. How far off the plan did you get in 2019? 🤷‍♂️ This will help you get your 2020 success chart ready and easy to accomplish.

➡️ In 2020, our mission at the Texas RockStar Group is to keep it simple, profitable and back to the basics of customer service and fun. In years past, we created some monster goals that carried a ton of activities. And, just like a new year’s resolution, after a few months of missed opportunities, many of the tasks got scraped and then we looked for the shiny objects to get us back on track. In truth, every year, we never got back on track. I would like to meet the real estate agent that followed the plan perfectly. I don’t believe it exists.

If You’re Not Doing These 4 Things, You’re Doing It Wrong

Now let’s get to the real meat and potatoes of getting it right…

In the real estate world, there are two kinds of entrepreneurs: Those who are actually running a real estate sales business vs. those who are stuck working the day to day tasks “in” their business. And there’s a major disparity in income between the two.

To truly run your business like a business and become that profit maker, make sure you’re doing these four things every single week:

Review Your Business Plan

I gotta ask… When’s the last time you looked at your 2019 business plan? You probably created it last November or December, and now 2019 is almost over.

Here’s why I bring it up: The best agents don’t just create a business plan and forget it. They make it a living, breathing guide while reviewing, adjusting and pivoting along the way to their goals. Creating a business plan and sticking it in a drawer does you no good. It’s gotta be top of mind and you MUST find some way to hold yourself accountable to the actions you committed to in that business plan.

EXPand your Mind

There are three areas you should be reviewing at least once a week to expand the mind and keep your business running smoothly. Without this step, you are burying your head in the sand. In 2020, You have to stay on top of these 3, no matter what…

  1. Industry Trends – Are you staying on top of the game? What sites are you learning from? This gives you an opportunity to identify threats and opportunities and keep you up-to-date on what’s happening at all times.
  2. Market Trends – Are you previewing your neighboring listings? Do you know the local price swings? Being able to speak intelligently with consumers is all about looking at the daily hot sheets, seeing what’s selling and what isn’t.
  3. Your Own Numbers – How’d you do since last week? How many conversations did you have? How many appointments did you book? How many new contracts did you write? What’s the return on investment on your marketing?

Here’s the thing: When you take the time to have this knowledge, your confidence is will skyrocket, and you’ll be excited to get out there into the marketplace to talk to more and more people. Be the Local EXPert!

Review Your Marketing Plan

“Instead of interrupting, work on attracting”.

Chris Smith, the co-founder of Curaytor, and the author of the Conversion Code was instrumental in helping our team build upon his idea that great marketing beats pounding the phones every day. When you execute your marketing to build your brand, are you building trust? Are you creating the story that inspires others to make your phone ring? If not, read the Conversion code and “What to Say”, by Phil M. Jones. It is the small stuff that makes the conversations go your way.

And remember, tell a story in your marketing. It’s all about identifying what makes you different so you stand out on that in the sea of real estate agents all sharing their desire to help a buyer find their Dream Home. Has anyone done that actually? Determining why someone should choose you is an ongoing pursuit and a question that must be answered on a weekly basis. Review your plan constantly.

Along with reviewing your marketing plan, ask yourself:

What’s working?

What isn’t working?

What do you want to try next or test?

Remember: Everyone knows seven friends in real estate. Getting to the top of that consideration set won’t just happen naturally. It takes effort, and that’s what you need to be working toward every week.

Get better at People, Process, and Plans

What is your Perfect Daily Schedule? Does it include a system that automatically tells you what to do? Is your business following the plans that are in your schedule? Are you running your business with the structure of software, systems, and checklists? Or is it all from memory and when it feels like it is time to get something done? Are you working with deadlines?

Every Day, your objective should be to get to the point that you can say, “What is the one thing I can do today that by doing this one thing, everything else will be easier or unnecessary.” ~ Gary Keller

If you’re not spending time improving your level of service and processes, you’re just gambling and “hoping” for a good result.

Are you truly committed to this business? And to your success? If so, act like it and put the systems in place so your business can run smoothly with or without your direct daily involvement.

Well, here the good news…

…There is no traffic on the extra mile!

Be different, do things differently, and stand alone on the extra mile. When you feel like you have done everything you can do, take a break and go to the extra mile. You will love the results, and you can drive a little faster there.

Give it a try. I promise you’ll love it.

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