My first 30 days as a Real Estate Agent

What should New Real Estate Agents do?

🙋‍♂️ Hey there, are you looking for a new real estate agent checklist? 🤔 Here are some tips for you. The newly licensed real estate agent is fresh and ready to hit the ground running.  If you’re fresh out of real estate school 🏫, you are probably thrilled that you passed the test, but have no idea what to do next!   Real estate schools do not prepare you for what it takes to become a successful REALTOR, so your first month as a real estate agent is often overwhelming.  Below you will find our real estate tips for beginners, so you have all the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to get launch a successful new career in real estate!

Get Organized

1)  Order business cards – a basic card is fine in the beginning, you can always order more later with your website and branding. Just get some ordered right away.

2)  Purchase your eKey – you are going to need to know your inventory and be ready for your first buyer.

3)  Get a professional headshot for all your branding needs. This will be for websites, marketing materials, and of course, your social media presence.

4)  Write a quick bio â€“ even though you don’t have any experience (yet), share your background, values and let readers know why they would benefit and enjoy working with you

5)  Gather names, addresses, and emails of everyone you know (this is your new database or sphere of influence)

Let People Know About Your New Real Estate Career

6)  Create a short letter and mail to your database to let them know that you’re now in real estate, loving it and are here to assist them – and anyone they know

7)  Create a free account with Add all the names and emails from your new database so that you can send them a monthly email with real estate tips, neighborhood news, etc. Please note that you may want to create more than one mailing list in MailChimp; for example “Close Friends”, “Past Clients” and “Acquaintances”. This will help you tailor your marketing efforts down the road.

8)  Register and add your professional photo and bio to Zillow,, LinkedIn, Yelp, and create a Facebook business page. If someone googles your name, you want them to find you and build credibility online.

Understand the Market

9)  Go and show yourself a few homes – test your new eKey, open the lockbox, and get comfortable with the process. This will help you get a feel for the homes and prices and inventory.

10)  Pick a neighborhood every day. Drive-by every home for sale in the MLS. This will also help you navigate different areas of town so that when you do have a buyer in your car, you are familiar with the area.

11)  Run real estate market reports using the MLS – make sure you understand the current market conditions (i.e. how fast homes are selling, average prices, and list to sales price ratios). If you find something interesting, share on Facebook or in your monthly eNewsletter!

12)  Offer free home valuation reports to all your friends â€“ it’s great practice and you never know if one may consider selling their home!

Connect with Other Agents

13)  Open Houses – let everyone in your new brokerage know that you are available to host open houses!  Usually, your broker is willing to send an email out on your behalf.  Here are some cool tips for hosting and promoting open houses.

14)  Offer to show homes for other agents â€“ busy real estate agents will gladly pay you a small fee or mentor you in exchange for your help

15)  Shadow another real estate agent on a listing appointment and/or buyer consultation

16)  Share your Home Previews on Social Media – Let your friends and followers know you are a real estate agent. Create interaction with them by asking questions about what they like about the property you were just at.

Learn Everything You Can

17)  Take at least one class with your local MLS to make sure you know to search for homes, pull comparable sales reports, create just listed alerts and more

18)  Create your Unique Selling PropositionThis link will share why a new customer would choose you to represent them.

19)  Review the real estate contracts and practice writing contracts for single-family homes and condominiums.

20)  Attend any new agent orientations with your new real estate brokerage.

21)  Find a mentor â€“ a seasoned real estate agent or broker can show you the ropes and help you confront the unanticipated issues you’re sure to face with your initial clients. If you’re willing to share some of the commission on your first few deals, many agents will work with you from start to finish on your first contracts. An experienced mentor is also a good sounding board and can level-set your expectations for your first year in the real estate business.

Create a Plan for the Future

22)  Draft a business plan â€“ you probably aren’t going to know what to include in your plan initially, but setting some basic goals and a budget for the next 90 days is the perfect place to start

23)  Outline your goals for each week â€” setting realistic goals will keep you on track and can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. You can also review your goals with your broker or mentor to get additional feedback and make sure you’re on the right track.

24)  Get started with your company website – put in your personal information and start sharing away. Make it fun and create links to special home groups like golf course properties, waterfront homes, home with a pool priced under a specific desirable price range. You know, the hard to find properties.

25)  Create a list of interesting links from your site and post to all of your social media channels. This should be a great way to create new leads from your sphere of influence and leads generated from a boosted post on Facebook.

26)  Attend “Getting Started” orientation classes for new real estate agents

27)  Schedule a consultation with your broker or mentor. Get them to hold you accountable to your goals. You are the only one in control of your success.

28)  Add your picture and bio to all of your company materials and websites. Make sure people see you and not an outline of a body.

29)  Confirm all of your company training and don’t miss one!!

30)  Ask for buyer leads!  Many agents in your area may have extra website leads that they would be willing to share with you in return for a referral fee

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