Create a weekly E-mail Drip for New Construction Clients

✅ Keeping your systems simple and repeatable saves time and gains trust. When you have something that is consistent that your client can receive from you, the rewards increase exponentially. Create the plan and adjust as needed. As an agent, remember, your goal should always be to systematize whatever and whenever you can. When you have a buyer decide to purchase a new home and start from dirt, I would suggest that you create a simple, weekly email drip campaign to send every Monday. 😎

  1. Progress Reports – This is something that is going to have to come from you directly. Plan on one email per month to focus on progress. Ask the builder what is coming up next and let your client know what work was recently completed, what work didn’t get done (and why) and what work will be next in line. Set a task reminder in your CRM for this email. Don’t forget!
  2. Information – Provide a new “how-to video” or “tip” each week that will help the homeowner once they move into their home. They will keep these emails for reference, so make sure you have a call to action for your vendor and yourself.
  3. Relationships – Share a person, business or professional that your clients would find beneficial or helpful once they move into their new home. These relationships are valuable because they will support your business by supporting your client events and mailings.
  4. Fun – Share a store, restaurant, shop or local business that they should try in the area. Create a video from this place with you sharing the recommendation. Make it a blast and something that your client sees the authentic you.

The Devil is in the Details

Depending on your local timing for the new construction process, you will need several good tips to share, professionals to recommend and shops and stores for them to try. I know that sounds daunting, but don’t feel as though you need to come up with all the tips on your own. This is where leveraging your partners makes your life easier, by not having to create all the content yourself. Here’s what I recommend you do. I would reach out to your current professional business partners and have them create a few quick instructional videos and topic tips that you can then share with your clients. These can be added to your drip campaign as a part of the next steps templates. Think about this as another way to promote your vendors. Your handyman alone could easily generate 10-20 pieces of instructional content that you can include in your weekly updates. A landscaper could probably create another 5-10 pieces of content. Ask your mover for their tips on proper packing techniques. You see where I am going, try to think of tips that will help the homeowners once they move-in. But it could be other things too. There are tons of tips you can share and the best part, your business partners will be the ones doing most of the content creation, saving you the time, and expense. So, you will be asking your professional relationships to create content which will take a little bit of time, but in return, they will be branding themselves as an expert and will likely be the first person the homeowners call when they decide they don’t want to do the work themselves. The mover will be the ones they call when they discover that they don’t want to load a truck by themselves.

Cool tips off the top of my head:

  1. How to hang TV’s
  2. How to hang mirrors & pictures
  3. Tips on how to paint a room with ease
  4. Tips on how to paint a ceiling
  5. Tips on how to replace a light or ceiling fan
  6. Tips on how to epoxy the garage floor
  7. How to build a shelf in the laundry room
  8. When to lay sod
  9. When to fertilize your yard
  10. What plants are perfect for the climate
  11. The most efficient ways to pack for your move
  12. What materials you need to pack (boxes, tape, pens, paper, etc.)
  13. How to make sure your dishes don’t break
  14. Interior Design Ideas for different rooms of the house

Local Vendors you can recommend

  1. Insurance Agent
  2. Home Warranty Companies
  3. Financial Planner
  4. Real Estate Attorney
  5. Architect
  6. Interior Designer
  7. Plumber
  8. Hairdresser
  9. Blinds
  10. Windows
  11. Carpet
  12. Chimney
  13. Tree Trimming
  14. Landscaper
  15. Dentist
  16. Pediatric Dentist
  17. Pediatrician
  18. Electrician
  19. Exterminator
  20. Eye Doctor
  21. Foundation Repair
  22. Garage Door
  23. Glass and Mirrors
  24. Counters
  25. Gutter Services
  26. Roofing
  27. HVAC
  28. Handyman
  29. Home Inspectors
  30. Sprinkler Systems
  31. Movers
  32. Junk Removal
  33. Painters
  34. Pest Control
  35. Flooring

Local Business in the area:

  1. Furniture Stores
  2. Consignment Stores
  3. Lighting Stores
  4. Tile/Counter
  5. Local Restaurants
  6. Kids Activities
  7. Gyms/CrossFit

There are some big advantages to doing something like this…

  1. You can create a series of email templates in your CRM that you can use over and over again. Create the templates, label them NC Drip 1, NC Drip Email 2, etc. That means you aren’t recreating the wheel each time. Once your client signs on the dotted line, you kick off your emails the next Monday.
  2. You will need to create a vendor list to share with your new construction clients. Building the network may take some time, but it is well worth it. you will be providing your clients with value and possible discounts. Because you will likely need to bolster up your vendor network, this will give you a reason to reach out to your Top 50 people in your database and ask for referrals. In addition to adding professionals to your network, you are also staying top of mind with your Top 50 relationships. Hopefully, some additional deals will end up coming out of this constant contact with your Top 50.
  3. It’s probably a good idea to have a couple of people to refer to in every category. So if that’s the case, you can recommend a landscaper in your week 4 email and another landscaper in your week 24 email. Just another way to make this a little easier on you.
  4. You also have the ability to network with these professionals, who you are now including in your preferred network list. Hopefully, there is some reciprocity there, which means you will be a preferred vendor in return. Even if it’s not an official partnership, I firmly believe in the idea of helping others get what they want will lead you to getting what you want!
  5. You also have the ability to network with those stores, restaurants, and shops that you are promoting in your weekly emails. The same goes here as with your professionals. Hopefully, you can get some love in return from them. It’s also possible that you might be able to offer some exclusive coupons to your clients. Just let the restaurant know you are driving people to their business and see if they will offer them anything… an appetizer, whatever! Something is better than nothing and I am sure some local shops would be happy to give a free bowl of queso to attract a new potential customer.
  6. And last but not least…all this content you are getting can be repurposed and used on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can run ads, promote these other businesses and get in front of their audiences to grow yours.

So…that’s how I would do it. Hope this is helpful! Feel free to reach out with any more questions. —

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