Real Estate Video Ideas that Generate more Buyers and Sellers

Video is a great way to show your personality and attract new business. 🎥

21 Video Ideas

Every agent should be creating more video content to get more future business and to stay in touch with your current and past clients. Here are some cool ideas that you can create in a short amount of time (using your current cell phone) that will help you reach more buyers and home sellers. Don’t be shy, remember, you are basically on video with every conversation you have with a client. So, why not make those conversations evergreen! Make sure you are posting on YouTube and the original videos on your Facebook Business Page.

Here is a list of 21 videos that any rockstar real estate agent can use to market their business. When shooting video you instantly connect with buyers, sellers, and your past clients. I have these broken down into groups of videos including videos to attract sellers, videos to attract buyers, videos to attract both buyers and sellers, and videos for past clients.

I would suggest that you search for each of these titles on YouTube, so you can get an idea of how other agents are using them, adapt them to your own local market and build your own videos that provide value to your audience that you want to personally attract.

How to attract sellers

1. 5 things to do before listing your house in (your city)

This video is designed to capture the attention of future sellers early in their process. Highlight the steps they can take to dress their house up for the selling process, like removing clutter and improving the landscaping.

Include all the things you routinely tell people at a listing appointment and publish the video with a call to action that invites viewers to contact you for a free, no-obligation conversation about how they can sell their homes for the highest price in the shortest period of time.

This video gives you the ability to capture the attention of future sellers just prior to putting their homes on the market.

2. 5 biggest mistakes sellers make in (your city)

This video should be a fun one to shoot. You can highlight the common mistakes that you’ve seen people make when selling their homes. What comes to mind for you?

You can explain mistakes like overpricing the home, wild paint colors, failing to prepare for showings by having a messy house, not leaving the property for showings and other missteps that will negatively impact the sales price and time frame for selling a home.

3. Should I sell my house in (your city) right now?

A lot of sellers are asking this right now. With prices going through the roof, use this content to identify two groups of people: those who are considering selling their homes now and those who will sell sometime in the future. Break down the market for your potential clients and help them understand what is happening at this moment in time, and also help them understand what you anticipate in the future of real estate.

Of course, each seller’s personal situation will differ, but we can help them understand what is happening in the market and how it will impact them and the equity that they have in their home.

4. Unsolicited video CMAs

You can target these videos to people who have expressed an interest in selling their homes, your past buyers, homes in your farm area, or anyone you know who owns a home.

You’ll gather information about the home’s value, record your screen to show the homeowner that the information is current, and send it to homeowners with a call to action that invites them to call you for a no-obligation consultation.

I met an agent who sent out 72 of these in a three-month period and generated over $10 million in listing sales just from this effort, and now, I believe it’s one of the best strategies available to agents who want to grow their business.

How to attract home buyers

5. 5 reasons you shouldn’t buy a home in (your city or farm neighborhood)

This video will attract people because of its negative headline, but Trudy VanHorn with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Panama City Beach put a spin on it, so it’s really all about the positives of the neighborhood. Include language like this in your video:

Don’t buy in this neighborhood if you hate having sidewalks.

Don’t buy in this neighborhood if you hate taking your dog to the dog park.

Don’t buy in this neighborhood if you hate shade, as there are so many trees that keep your yard shaded.

Don’t buy in this neighborhood if you hate community parties.

Don’t buy in this neighborhood if you hate fishing ponds.

The clickbait title will draw them in and present the positives of the neighborhood you’re farming.

6. 5 things you should know before buying in (your city or farm area)

Share general demographics about the area to educate buyers before they move to a specific area.

Provide the average size of houses, the distance to popular destinations in the area, and other details about the neighborhood, so potential buyers can decide whether the area is a good fit for them.

7. What people love about living in (your city or farm area)

These videos allow you to highlight the amenities of a neighborhood, like swimming pools, workout facilities, walking trails, or other features that current residents love.

These videos also establish you as the expert in that neighborhood so that people who see your content on social media will think of you when they’re ready to buy or sell.

8. What people hate about living in (your city)

In these videos, be honest about the things that people dislike about living in a certain neighborhood. Is it the heat and humidity? The traffic? The weather?

Your honesty about the things that people dislike will earn you credibility with your audience. Instead of telling them only the good in an attempt to sell them something, give them all the information they need to make an informed decision. They’ll trust your honesty.

9. Should I rent or buy in (your city or farm area)?

This video will also highlight a certain neighborhood, and it will help your audience weigh the costs of living in a particular area and potentially put themselves in a better financial situation.

What is the average rent in the neighborhood? How much is the average mortgage payment? This video will help you explain the benefits of homeownership, and it will also help you identify first-time homebuyers who can become your customers.

10. Coming soon

You should create one of these videos for every single listing that you take because they allow you to create excitement about properties that are coming on the market and identify those people who are interested in buying.

Say something like this in the video:

I’m out in front of this great new listing, and we’ll have photos of it in just a few days, but if you’d like more information about this three-bedroom, two-bath house in [list the neighborhood], reach out to me, and I’ll send you the details before it hits the market.

This is a great way to identify potential buyers without being salesy, because you’re giving them the information they can’t get anywhere else.

How to attract both buyers and sellers

11. My favorite place

Highlighting your favorite restaurants, parks, and local attractions helps you share the lifestyle of your market. These videos will allow you to engage with potential clients because everyone loves to hear about the best places in the area.

These videos should be heavy on information and low on real estate sales details. Mixing up your video content with market information and market highlights is a winning recipe.

12. Neighborhood sales update

Review the sales that have taken place in the neighborhood you’re farming in over the last three to six months. Share information about the homes that are actively on the market at the time of the video as well as pending contracts and homes that have recently sold.

These videos will keep you top-of-mind with homeowners in the neighborhood as well as the buyers who want to live there. By positioning yourself as a local expert about the neighborhood, you’ll consistently have a flow of both buyers and sellers for that particular farm.

13. Overall market update

You should share this information at least every quarter, but I recommend that you provide it monthly to let your audience know how the current market numbers related to sales activity, average sales price and average days on market compare to the same time last year.

These videos will position you as the expert in the community, and they will help your audience know, like and trust you.

14. Check this out

These videos work well on social media, allowing you to share an amazing kitchen or an incredible outdoor space or some other aspect of a property. You can include a call to action for the people who want to see more of the house to click a link that drives them to your website or some other information about the property.

People love to see what’s happening in other houses — sometimes to get ideas for their own house or even because they’re dreaming of making a move. These videos are a great way to drive traffic to your website or to a specific property.

15. Open house walkthroughs

Record a video walkthrough every single time you host an open house, and use it to promote the event in the hours before it starts. The people in your audience may be interested in seeing the house in person, and some people in your audience may not be able to come to the in-person event.

These videos will help you increase your traffic the day of the open house and add the potential for someone who may not be able to attend the open house to watch the video instead. You may also grab the attention of potential sellers who appreciate your efforts on behalf of your current customers.

16. My favorite transactions

We tend to attract what we focus on, so by sharing the story of our favorite transaction, we’ll be telling the story of clients we enjoyed working with. You aren’t meant to work with everyone, so if you’re sharing the stories of the people you enjoy working with the most, you’ll draw more of those clients in the future.

17. My funniest transaction

Transparency can earn you credibility with people, so tell the story of the transactions that potential buyers or sellers will find humorous. People do business with people they like. These videos help share your likeability in a way that will draw potential clients.

18. My worst transaction

Use these videos to tell the story of transactions that were rife with major obstacles, and then explain how you overcame them. Drama draws a crowd, so some people will check out your video just to hear what happened.

What’s more, you’ll also build credibility as you explain how you kept things on track despite the challenges. Show people that you’re capable of handling anything that comes your way in a transaction — and you’ll grab the attention of potential buyers and sellers.

19. Frequently asked questions

Start by identifying the questions you get asked every day. For example, here are a few things clients often wonder about:

  • How do I get qualified for a loan?
  • What should I know about making an offer on a home?
  • What does an inspection time period look like?
  • How much down payment do I need to buy a home?

Make a video that answers your frequently asked questions before people even ask them — and you’ll inspire confidence in folks who will, one day, buy or sell their homes with you.

How to reach past clients

20. I was in the neighborhood

Keep in touch with past clients, and stay top-of-mind by letting them know you were thinking of them as you passed through their neighborhood. Drive to the home you helped a client buy, and if the car isn’t in the driveway, knock on the door.

If they don’t answer, shoot a video of yourself in front of the house. Say something like this in the video:

Hey! I was in the neighborhood and I stopped by, but you guys weren’t here. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. I hope you still love your house and let me know if I can help in any way. Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon.

It’s a high-impact video that they’ll remember when they get ready to sell, and it will keep you top-of-mind if they know of friends or family who are in the market as well.

21. Reasons I love referrals

Tell the stories of past clients who have sent referrals your way and explain how much you appreciate their efforts. Then tell the story of how those referral customers became your friends as a result of the transaction.

Everybody loves a great story, and this is a soft way to stay on people’s minds for referral opportunities.

Use these 21 ideas to generate videos and as a jumping-off point to spark your own creativity and add your own spin. The value of videos in your business has never been more important, and with every day that goes by, their value increases. Now is the time to lean into video creation if you’re looking to grow your business.

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