The Buyer Appointment

🤔 Remember, all conversations should lead to the following question: When can we get together? They all start with “hello”! Real Estate is all about the belly to belly. The relationship that is created from that meeting will create a lifetime of referrals for future business, if, you follow through on your commitments to exceeding the buyer’s expectations.

So, what happens on the first call? 😲 Are you fearful of it or eager to get to know who just registered on your website? At this first call, hopefully within 10 minutes of the customer registering, you can quickly set a tone of support and authenticity that will make the customer feel good about the call and they will open up to you and share their reasoning for signing up. Even if they are just browsing, that is a great way to start the long term relationship. Every agent wants the slam dunk or the “chip-in” for every person that signs up on the site. It just isn’t always that easy. Want to know what to say? Here is our Rookie to RockStar Buyer Mastery Scripts!

I have learned that the warm call is actually the best call, it is like someone has left me a post-it note as a reminder for me to reach out to them. Sometimes I have to call them more than once, send them several text messages and emails, yet eventually, everyone will respond. Buyer leads that have been contacted more than 6 times have an 80% higher response rate… make sense right? So, stay on top of the buyer. The schedule is simple. 3x3x3. 3 calls a day for 3 days, then 3 calls a week for 3 weeks, then 3 calls a month for 3 months. If they have not responded by then, they are probably dead!

They Answer the Phone

Well, surprise, surprise, they pick up and now what? Just relax and be authentic and focus on the conversation.

“Hi, this is Rick, your Expert Realtor! I see you’re interested in 123 Dream Street. Just curious, what questions do you have about the home? When are you available to see it?”

I am a fan of the appointment taking place at the home first. We give one or two homes to visit and during this time, we will start the process of asking about cash or financing. I want to meet the buyer, not find ways to say no, you are not ready. They will be one day, and if you kill them with kindness, you will win way more than just focusing on only pre-qualified buyers. Get in front and then qualify.

Once the agent has received the lead’s agreement to see the house, the agent follows up with another question. During the following questions, make sure that you are using the buyer’s first name. This relaxes the conversation and allows them to share more with you. After all, don’t you like it when you hear your name?

“Hey Rick, if this isn’t the house for you after we see it, do you have time to see another home that might be a good fit?”

This is a great way to lead into being supportive and not just a doorman. this lets the buyer know that your job is to help them find the perfect home. If they say that they don’t have time for the next showing, then ask this question.

“Can I make a recommendation? If this isn’t the perfect home for you, would you have a few minutes just to sit down with me and talk about what you are looking for so I can find it?”

This is when I insert my FORD questions:

Tell me about your Family. What is your Occupation? What do you do for Recreation? What would you like to have in your Dream Home?

If I can get these questions answered, I feel like I am in the driver’s seat, no pun intended. And, by the way, I love Ford Trucks. Now I know more about them, what they are looking for and now I can ask them to meet with me to go over the Buying Strategy Appointment.

What do I say at the appointment?

Here is the list of things to go over during the appointment!

  • The Home Buying process
  • The Buyers Representation Agreement
  • The Mortgage and Loan Process
  • How to make an offer and what is in the offer
  • What happens after acceptance and before closing
  • The search is all about the buyer
  • The perfect home wish list
  • Your vendors
  • What’s next

Remember to deliver the world-class expectations to your new client. They deserve to know that you are totally focused on the successful purchase of their next home. Without you, they will be lost in the sea of the unknowns. Share your plans and they will be forever grateful and may even invite you to a dinner one night.

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About the author

Rick is a Mississippi Rebel and currently lives in The Woodlands Texas. He has a spirited daughter who loves to dance. He is a big fan of music and sports. Rick moved to Texas in 2002 and loves his family and friends and being a big part of the local community.