Unique Selling Proposition!!

😎 Now, you are a real estate professional. 🙋‍♂️ You are now qualified to effectively handle a real estate transaction, to deliver exceptional customer service experience, and to give your customers professional, life-changing advice. Your real estate experience thus far, plus your personal history, no matter what it is, makes you uniquely competent for this job. ❤️️

So, have you told the world?

Tell the truth, are you confident about what people are paying you for? You have every right to believe it and share it. I want you to be able to say in a specific and unique way why you ARE the best person for the job. Your customer, who will become a client wants to know. You will need to create your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). You will learn it, know it by heart, and will be able to repeat it on any elevator, escalator or grocery store! Your confidence in sharing your USP will get you more business and position you as the best in the mind of your client.

Build the USP

Personal Validity:

  • Step 1: How do you describe yourself?
  • Step 2: How do others describe you?

Powerful Positioning

  • Step 3: Define your customer service and their experience
  • Step 4: Create the Value Proposition

Who are You?

What makes you an exceptional real estate agent? How can you put this in words to put you in the front of everyone’s thoughts when someone asks who they would trust with their real estate transaction? Sharing who you are in your prospecting tasks will help you build a platform of trust that will help you prospect and convert more buyers and sellers.

Knowing exactly what to say when you are speaking with a new customer will bring the success you are looking for when you decided to get your license. By knowing who you are and what you can deliver will help you find the right people that will want to work with you. Knowing your strengths will allow you to share them more effectively and help you portray a more confident self-image.

How do you describe yourself

I would also suggest that you buy AND read, Building a Story Brand, by Donald Miller. It doesn’t matter what your story is, learn to tell it in a great way. Sharing your knowledge, skills and your personal beliefs will make you uniquely qualified to be your client’s real estate agent. I would say that I have an entrepreneurial personality built on growing wealth for each and every client.

What was your past experience?

I came from the construction business. I remodeled homes. I learned the way a home was constructed, what the trends were and why people chose the items they did. Mostly, a remodel made a client feel better about their home. By spending a dozen years doing this, I learned the negotiation skills needed to share why my remodels were efficient and my value got better over time. I was also able to share that I could save clients money and time, earning me more business. I got into real estate to purchase my own properties and found that the sales success of real estate was more profitable than the remodeling business. I learned to work smarter with a commitment to integrity on every project. It had to be done right. I now share my past experience with my clients. They know that I know more about a home than almost every other real estate agent because I spent 12 years learning about them.

Make it Real for Real Estate

Now, think about how your past experience now has real estate relevance. Look from as many angles as possible. How did your personal experience make you a better fit for those around you? How can you say, in a confident way, that your past experiences will make you a better fit for your client?

Let’s put it together…

Working on your resume will help you find out more about your personal description. What are some of the jobs that you have had? What tasks did you do in the performance of those jobs? What skills did you learn from those jobs?

Then, you will need to discover what you learned and from who. Who has been a major influence in your life? What did you learn from them? What has influenced you most in your life? From this, what specialization did you learn from these influential positions and people?

What attitudes and beliefs do you have now because of your past experiences? This is who you are now, and what will connect you to your next client.

How do others describe you?

How others describe you is a great way to reflect on your ability to help those you meet along the way. Get a few testimonials and endorsements from your family, church friends, past coworkers, and neighbors. Ask them to share why they believe you are able to deliver the best experience. Share this on social media.

Thinking about your family, how would they describe you? How about the family friends that you respect, how about them, what would they say? How about your past customers? How would they describe the experience? What about the level of service you provided?

Remember, your customer wants to be confident in choosing you as their realtor. Many are choosing based on testimonials and ratings. Make sure that they can share your high levels of integrity and you will win more often than not. Ask for a testimonial on Social Media, especially Facebook reviews and Google reviews.

Is your position to attract strong?

With nearly 1.4 million real estate agents across the country, you have to stand out. Remember, that you have a very unique opportunity to share who you are. There isn’t anyone like you, so make sure your clients know it. No one can share your story quite like the way you can, so get started on your story today. When they hear you, they will get to know you, and then when they think of real estate, the will think of you.

Think of it like this, when someone asks you what do you do, don’t just share that you are a real estate agent and then smile at them. Tell them you are the master at helping families discover the home of their dreams. I promise you this will stir up more conversations than just saying “I am a Realtor”. After all, there are 1.4 million others. Stand apart from them by knowing what to say!

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